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ProCloud - Resource Procurement for Network Slicing in Multi-Provider Clouds

Project Description

We consider a number of Physical Infrastructure Proviers (InPs) forming a distributed cloud that offers network slices to tenants on a lease basis. Network slice deployment across multiple providers entails significant challenges and implications. First, resource discovery and selection for network slice creation requires an intermediate layer that will act as a broker between the tenant and the participating InPs. Second, the various InPs, as separate administrative entities, will be very reluctant to disclose any resource and network topology information to third parties (i.e., the broker). LAVINET project comprises one of the very few efforts that have addressed this problem. In particular, LAVINET has developed and evaluated a virtual network embedding framework, circumventing the difficult of resource discovery and selection under limited information disclosure. LAVINET has eventually shown that multi-provider VN embedding under limited in-formation disclosure is feasible, albeit at a moderately higher cost for tenants.

From an economic view, LAVINET restricts attention to a static, single-round communication scheme between the two sides of the market, in which the buyer (i.e., tenant) must even-tually make his based on limited information. In ProCloud, we aim to extend this work by examining the employment of procurement1 mechanisms with several rounds of communication (via the sellers’ bids and the buyer’s intermediate allocation decisions) between the two sides of the market (i.e., tenants and InPs), until the buyer’s request is fulfilled. Because of the additional information that is revealed in the process and the seller competition induced by the procurement mechanism, we believe that such an allocation scheme can achieve a lower price for the buyer (profit optimization), as well as a lower overall seller cost for fulfilling the buyer’s request (efficiency of allocation).

Project Goals

ProCloud aims at facilitating resource trading between tenants and InPs by overcoming some of the information disclosure constraints that InPs typically introduce. ProCloud will employ procurement protocols and mechanisms enabling sellers (i.e., providers) to bid for requested resources and buyers (i.e., tenants) to make allocation decisions during several rounds, till the resource allocation has been completed. Our primary goal is to enable a symbiotic relation-ship between providers and tenants: (i) providers will optimize their resource utilization which will give them the ability to accommodate more tenants' requests and subsequently maximize their revenue, and (ii) tenants' expenditure will be reduced.