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LAVINET - Enabling Large-Scale Network Virtualization

Project Description

The current Internet infrastructure stifles innovation, remaining sub-optimal for many network applications that require high performance, reliability and/or security. Network virtualization has been seen as a promising solution to overcome this ossification and facilitate network service deployment in the Internet. Various technologies for server and link virtualization are available, allowing the creation of network slices tailored to the needs of particular network applications or services. The deployment of network services at large scale requires the capability to provision and operate virtual networks (VN) across multiple Physical Infrastructure Providers. This creates the need for separation between the network operations and the physical infrastructure. The required layer of indirection is fulfilled by VN Providers which is a new business role in the Internet.

The task of a VN Provider is very challenging. First, a VN Provider should be able to discover and allocate resources with very limited knowledge of the physical topology and resource availability, since such information will not be disclosed by Infrastructure Providers to third parties. In this context, existing VN embedding algorithms are not applicable, since they assume full knowledge of the physical resources and substrate topology. Second, VN deployments should satisfy multiple and possibly conflicting objectives, i.e., maximize the revenue for substrate providers and minimize the expenditure for Service Providers.

LAVINET will enable VN Providers to assemble virtualized resources from multiple Infrastructure Providers into functional VNs, where network services, such as IPTV, online gaming, or video conferencing can be deployed. Besides the capability to customize VNs on demand, such service-tailored VNs will have the capability to adopt emerging communication needs and paradigms, driving Internet innovation. Furthermore, LAVINET will allow Physical Infrastructure Providers to increase their revenue and decrease their operational costs.

Project Goals

The main objective of LAVINET is to enable the concurrent deployment and operation of service-tailored network slices at large scale. LAVINET will particularly address the inter-domain aspects of wide-area VN provisioning. To this end, LAVINET will provide a multi-domain VN provisioning framework that allows VN Providers to discover and select virtualized resources across multiple Infrastructure Providers with limited information disclosure. Since Infrastructure Providers may have different policies, LAVINET will investigate the efficiency of VN provisioning with different levels of information disclosure.


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