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New Paper in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

New Paper in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Scattered Pilot-Based Channel Estimation for Channel Adaptive FBMC-OQAM Systems

Abstract: Shaping the pulse of FilterBank MultiCarrier with Offset Quadrature Amplitude Modulation subcarrier modulation (FBMC-OQAM) systems offers a new degree of freedom for the design of mobile communication systems. In previous studies, we evaluated the gains arising from the application of Prototype Filter Functions (PFFs) and subcarrier spacing matched to the delay and Doppler spreads of doubly dispersive channels. In this
paper, we investigate the impact of having imperfect channel knowledge at the receiver on the performance of Channel Adaptive Modulation (CAM) in terms of channel estimation errors and Bit Error Rate (BER). To this end, the channel estimation error for two different interference mitigation schemes proposed in the literature is derived analytically and its influence on the BER performance is analyzed for practical channel scenarios. The results
show that FBMC-OQAM systems utilizing CAM and scattered pilot-based channel estimation provide a significant performance gain compared with the current one system design for a variety of channel scenarios (“one-fits-all”) approach. Additionally, we verified that the often used assumption of a flat channel in the direct neighborhood of a pilot symbol is not valid for practical scenarios.