Wireless Communication in GBit/s range

Leitung:  Dr.-Ing. Claus Kupferschmidt
Jahr:  2010
Laufzeit:  04/2008 – 07/2011
Ist abgeschlossen:  ja

Project Type:  EU-Project, seventh framework program

Project Research Areas:

  • Channel measurements and modeling
  • Test-bed

Project manager:

Selected publications:

  • B. Tau Sieskul, C. Kupferschmidt, and T. Kaiser (2009): "Algebraic inequalities for MIMO-UWB with antenna element time delays: Uncorrelated fading," in Proc. 2009 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICUWB 2009), Vancouver, Canada, September 9-11, 2009, pp. 798-803.
  • Claus Kupferschmidt, Emil Dimitrov, Thomas Kaiser (2009): Multiple Antenna UWB Systems WP3 of the EUWB-Project, The 2009 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications, Hai Phong, Vietnam, 12-14 October 2009
  • Emil Dimitrov and Thomas Kaiser: Advanced MIMO VHDR MB-OFDM Approaches, The 2008 IEEE Int. Conf. on Ultra-Wideband, ICUWB 2008, Hannover, September 10-12, 2008