LoCOMo: A Low-Cost Open-Source Head Motorization Kit

N. Poschadel, S. Preihs, J. Peissig

When analyzing, simulating or auralizing human spatial hearing, it is increasingly demanded to consider not only different directions of sound incidence but also the respective head-above-torso orientation (HATO). However, incorporating this additional degree of freedom presents new challenges, e. g., when generating head-related transfer function (HRTF) datasets with adequate resolution since this requires automation/motorization to vary HATO during measurements with a head and torso simulator (HATS).
In this paper, the release of the LoCOMo kit, a low-cost open-source head motorization hard- and software kit for the KEMAR HATS, is covered. This motorization kit allows to generate HRTF datasets of the KEMAR with variable HATO in an automated procedure.
Since this is an externally mounted kit, the acoustic influence of the motorization on measured HRTFs is investigated in addition to its positioning precision. The results show that both the positioning precision and the acoustic impact of the motorization on the measured HRTFs should allow for its usage in various applications.

The kit is published at go.lu-h.de/locomo.